Wonderland Online

Wonderland Online
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Wonderland Online is Free-to-Play, MMORPG video game developed by Chinese Gamer International and published by Internet Gaming Gate for Microsoft Windows. Invite your friends over or just relax for a minute of peace and quiet after a long quest. Enjoy yourself in your own space

Publisher: Internet Gaming Gate
Playerbase: Medium
Release Date: May 11, 2008

Wonderland Online Game Screenshots:

Wonderland Online Game Overview:

Wonderland Online MMORPG is a F2P game from Gamer International. It’s different from other classic MMORPGs or have some special features. In this Game, players can obtain a tent by finishing a simple quest. Then you can collect materials to make all kinds of furniture such as bathtubs, desks, beds, computers, and so on.

You can decorate your room at your pleasure. More than that, you can bring your tent with you, not only when you are killing monsters but also when you are traveling around the WL world. It will seem like you are always at home all the time.

Game Guide:

. You will spawn on the deck of a ship when first logging into the game. By clicking the NPC captain, you will trigger the sinking of the ship, however don’t worry, its not your fault. After the sinking, you will faint, and then you’ll be brought to the island by the surf.

. You will meet Robinson, who has been here for about 28 years. After a conversation between you and him, click the chest behind him to obtain a raft. You can then take a walk around the island and click some chests to obtain some preliminary items. If you get tired of this place, then you can ride the raft and leave.

. You will soon arrive at a beautiful beach, and there you will meet many survivors who were from the same ship as you. They are all trying to return home.

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