Wild Terra Game Preview

Wild terra game screenshot

Wild Terra is a B2P, fantasy action MMORPG sandbox set in a medieval European landscape. Travel through verdure forests and sandy deserts in search of resources. Collect wood and stones to forge primitive tools, and hunt wildlife like rabbits and turkeys but tread carefully around ferocious wolves.

Establish a homestead among the woodlands and secure your belongings by building walls, slowly expanding your territory. But you’re not alone in the wilderness. Other players are also struggling to survive and will make the choice between cooperation and war.

Be on your guard around strangers and work to forge alliances. Break down player walls and steal their resources while reinforcing your own territory with incremental upgrades. Equip yourself with durable armor and sharp weapons and clash with your neighbors.

Publisher: Juvty Worlds
Playerbase: MMedium
Type: B2P MMORPG Fantasy
Release Date: May 06, 2015