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Wartune game is a free-to-play, fantasy hybrid MMORPG, Browser-based developed by R2Games. The game features role-playing, city-building, strategy, turn-based combat, PvP, huge boss battles, farming, and more.

Publisher: R2games
Playerbase: High
Type: F2P MMORPG Fantasy
Release Date: October 04, 2015

Wartune Game Screenshots

Wartune Game Overview

Wartune MMORPG is a F2P, 2D browser-based by R2games that combines elements of strategy games with classic RPG features to create a unique game experience. Play as one of three hero classes and experience a mix of city-building and turn-based RPG action with boss fights, PVP, and a personal progression system.

With daily quests and events, players will have many things to keep them occupied. Wartune also features a unique Astral System that allows for more character customizations. It is one of the most successful browser-based games both in Asia and the West.

Wartune MMORPG VIP Membership:

The Game VIP membership is a monthly subscription, available for $7.99 per month. The Wartune VIP system is broken into nine different levels, each with separate benefits and bonuses. All VIP members start as VIP 1, with the opportunity to grow to higher VIP levels, ultimately providing more bonuses. VIP growth points are required when upgrading to higher VIP levels. You receive 10 VIP growth points for every day you are a VIP. For every 100 Balens used, you will also earn 1 VIP growth point.

Wartune Game Bonus System:

1- Daily Login Rewards
. Check-in daily and be rewarded!
. The day will be circled after each daily check-in.
. The daily login interface displays progress in receiving cumulative bonus rewards.
. You may check-in once per day.
. Check-in amounts will be reset with the start of each month.
. Consecutively login for several days to receive even bigger rewards!
2- Online Gift Pack
New players will receive an online gift pack once reaching a certain amount of online time. The gift pack contains many items from the Shop.
3- Daily Events
The Daily Events System informs players about event details including event name, status, and possible rewards.

Featured Video: Official Game Trailer