War of Tanks

War of Tanks Game Screenshot

 War of Tanks game is a Free-to-play, military Battle RPG Browser-based published by 101XP Games. Build a military base, create your own army, defeat your enemies to survive in the brutal virtual world of this war game.

Publisher: 101XP
Playerbase: Medium
Type: F2P Browser RPG
Release Date: TBA

War of Tanks Game Screenshots

War of Tanks Game Overview

War of Tanks is an amazing Free-to-play, RPG Browser game. Lead the tank army into a fierce fight with the huge forces of the enemy. Save your country and all of humanity from the dangers of war, upgrade the legendary models and be the first in the battlefields. You will get to operate various military vehicles and earn experience.

Gather gold and other resources and use them to upgrade your fleet. There are lots of different vehicle classes in the game, including airborne ones.

Build a military base, create your own strategy and tactics of negotiating with other players to get as much resources as possible, take the challenge in the battles and survive in the virtual world of War of Tanks

War of Tanks RPG Features:

. Uniques heroes. You command not just one hero, but a whole regiment. You start with only one tank and a pilot, but over the course of the game, you get an entire platoon of steel machines and their elite crews to command.

. Various units to choose from. You will be able to assemble a collection of many vehicles, common and unique alike.

. Strategy. Command your unit, build and operate your base and produce even more war machines.

. PvP battles. Legion battles, arena, world tournament and cross-server stand-offs. Show the might of your machines.

War of Tanks Gameplay Video