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UNKILLED - Zombie Multiplayer Shooter

UNKILLED – Zombie Multiplayer Shooter is a Free-to-play, Action Shooter game, one of the best-looking shooter game for mobile devices. New York City has become the epicenter of the world’s most terrifying zombie outbreak. What’s needed is a hero with the grit and skill to take on the undead and find out who or what catalyzed this cataclysmic event.

Developer: MADFINGER Games
Publisher: MADFINGER Games
Playerbase: High
Type: Mobile Action Game, shooter

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Unkilled Screenshots

Unkilled Overview

UnKilled is set during a zombie outbreak in New York. You’re part of a crack team of gun-men sent out to shoot the zombies until they turn into puffs of glittery gold smoke.
The default control scheme is remarkably simple. Drag a thumb around the left of the screen to move, and one around the right of the screen to aim whatever weapon of mid-level destruction you’ve got equipped.
Whenever your crosshair finds itself resting on some rotting flesh you’ll start firing automatically. It takes away the fiddliness inherent in stuffing a screen full of buttons, and lets you concentrate on keeping moving.
It means the actions flows brilliantly, and even when you’re desperately trying to find a way out of the throng of undead monsters that have surrounded you, you’re still shooting or hacking them in the face.

Unkilled Video