Under Control Gameplay Video


Here is Under Control Game Short Gameplay, Under Control Game is a F2P War Strategy and military tactics real time browser game. Develop your base, liberate countries, fight for precious resources in PvP battles and create combat alliances to achieve a common goal. Play Under Control For Free in your Browser or in facebook Gameroom…

Under Control Game League System:

The League system will make your progress more visible, and you’ll be able to get various rewards. Fight with other players in PvP and get to the top of your League to get great rewards! Achieve the best results and secure your spot at the top of your League ladder to have your name written in the Hall of Fame.

All players will be assigned a League depending on the amount of upgrades for their troops. Here’s a list of the Leagues: the Elites, Gold, Silver and Bronze Leagues, and the League of Recruits. Upgrade your troops, and you’ll be able to fight in the more powerful leagues and get rewards.