Tree Of Savior’s Major Balance Update To Go Live On May 16th, 2017

Tree Of Savior's Major Balance Update

IMC Games began slowly revealing information about a combat revamp that would be going live in the MMORPG Tree of Savior sometime soon, including details about character stat changes, but it was assumed that it would be a while until the revamp went live. Apparently not. IMC Games announced today via the reveal of several work-in-progress ads that the revamp will be going live on May 16th.

One of the ads also includes the statement “come get your free DLC pack,” but no further details were given. It seems that IMC Games will be giving away some sort of pack of in-game items when the combat revamp goes live, but whether it is an existing DLC pack or one that will be created specifically for the launch of the revamp is unclear at this time.
The combat revamp will mark the release of some major changes that Tree of Savior players have been saying that the game needs for some time now.