Toy Blast

toy blast mobile game

Toy Blast is a Free-to-play, Mobile Puzzle game developed by Peak Games. Play with the sweetest toys that will drag you to Amy’s enjoyable world. Crunch all the same colored cubes by using various boosters such as brick-busting blasts, rechargeable power-ups and many more.

Developer: Peak Games
Publisher: Peak Games
Playerbase: High
Type: Mobile Puzzle Game

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Toy Blast Overview

Each level in the game is simplistic, which means that anyone can play this game, no matter the age. In a normal level, you will have a goal which requires you to remove a certain number of cubes from the game board. You need to pay attention to the cube color and then remove groups of 2 cubes or more which have that said color.

The game does require a little strategy because you have to pay attention to the number of moves you have for each level, as they are limited. This requires a lot of attention, yet most of the time you have enough moves to finish the levels, which definitely manages to make the experience fun and exciting.

Upon playing each one of the levels you will see that they have a score that you need to achieve in order to get the most stars. As expected, the higher the score, the bigger the number of stars you get, so the action is interconnected with the game mechanics.

As you play you will be able to gather a variety of interesting power-ups that enrich the game experience. These can be more and more powerful, depending on the amount of blocks you remove from the game board. You can either receive rockets that clear a single vertical or horizontal line, but at the same time you can use some TNT to just obliterate everything that stands in your path.

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