Total Battle

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Total Battle Game is free-to-play, real time strategy browser-based developed by Scorewarrior and released in 2016. The game is available for both PC and Mobile devices. Command your troops and defend your keep!

Developer: Scorewarrior Limited
Type: F2P Real Time Strategy (RTS)
Playerbase: Medium
Release date: 2016

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Total Battle Game Screenshots

Total Battle Game Overview

Total Battle is a F2P Strategy, MMO game set in an ancient mythological world full of enraged beasts, enemy cities, powerful clans, hidden treasures and superhuman abilities. Your kingdom needs willpower, battle skills and political wisdom to build, fight, ally together with friends, negotiate and vote your way to a great empire.

Build a magnificent Castle, train your Army, join a Clan and together charge into an epic War Game full of cunning strategy and real politics. Total Battle MMO game is really one of The most anticipated War Strategy Game on Facebook. You can also play this amazing game in your browser without download or in mobile devices.

Total Battle Gameplay Features:

Build a magnificent castle for yourself and develop your clan’s territory into a massive empire, you can finally use all your fantasy with days of exciting city building gameplay waiting for you to govern.

Your very own military base right in the heart of your castle: train and balance the best army using different types of units, from infantry to catapults, titans and dragons.

Get out on the world map and lead your army into some hardcore mobile PvE action – strike titans, dragons, elves, fire worms, vampires, black knights just to name a few fantasy creatures lurking out there. Chose your soldiers and attack strategy carefully, you don’t want a dragon to conquer the kingdom you care some much about.

Battle and conquer castles of the most skilled war game MMO players in real time rts PvP, including real army veterans, strategists and generals.

Raid ancient tombs and crypts in search of epic loot and items to craft majestic equipment for your hero. Different equip gives unique hero abilities – legendary warrior armor, fantasy beastslayer, honored governor, explorer of ancient treasures. If that’s not enough RPG for you then chose among 9 completely different heroes, each with their own perks and abilities.

Military strategy and tactics at its best: join or create a clan, launch clan marches against free roaming monster packs, siege their forts, or declare war on other clans and burn them all – slowly, strategically, one by one, capture their territory and make them bow down to your flag and finally unite your kingdom together and march out to beat the other kingdoms.

Total Battle Gameplay Video: