The Settlers Online Game Preview

The Settlers Online Screenshot

The Settlers Online game is a F2P city building MMORTS based off of the popular Settlers series, developed and published by Ubisoft. Build and expand a massive city from a barren island to a thriving city and center of trade.

As opposed to many games that offer infinite sources of harvestable resources, The Settlers Online MMO goes further, requiring players to replant trees, explore new copper mines, and plant new wheat fields once theirs run out, forcing players to grow outward, exploring new regions and connecting their settlements together.

Recruit specialists at your tavern that can fight bandits to lay claim on new land, discover new materials, and explore the regions around. Optimize production and create a solid city infrastructure with the game’s detailed economic overview, giving the game a clear focus on its economic aspects that sets it apart from other browser city building games. In its core though, it still plays a lot like Tribal Wars 2, Elvenar, Total Domination, and other web strategy games.

Publisher: UBISoft
Playerbase: High
Type: Browser F2P MMO Strategy
Release Date: 2011