The Repopulation

the repopulation screenshot

The Repopulation is a Buy-to-play, 3D sci-fi themed sandbox MMORPG with open ended, player driven gameplay. The Game offers a mix of RPG and shooter style gameplay with skill-based progression.

Publisher: Beyond Technologies
Playerbase: Medium
Type: B2P MMORPG Sci-fi
Release Date: December 19, 2014

TR Game Screenshots

TR Game Overview

The Repopulation game is a B2P, Sundbox MMORPG in a science fiction setting originally from indie developer Above and Beyond Technologies, headed by Josh Halls. After some development issues, the game was sold to HERO Engine creators Idea Fabrik to finish development.

The driving force behind The Repopulation MMORPG is choice to play the game in the way that you want to play it. The choice to play the game like an RPG or a first/third person shooter. To advance your character through combat or peaceful means.

The freedom to craft and harvest without being forced into combat. To act as a hero or a villain. A thief, diplomat, home builder, tamer, crafter, or an entertainer. To participate in Player vs. Player combat or to avoid it altogether.

The Repopulation game aims to bring a host of fresh new game features to MMORPG players over and above what is now available, such as full sandbox play, city building, random engagements, player and vehicle combat, and many more.

The Repopulation Featured Video – Alpha 4 Trailer