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TERA game is a Free-to-play, MMORPG action combat system makes battles come alive set in a Fantastic World. Instead of mindlessly mashing keys while grinding through monotonous content, players jockey for position, aim at moving targets, dodge incoming attacks, and time combos carefully to deal massive damage.

Developer: Bluehole Studio
Publisher: En Masse Entertainment
Genre: F2P MMORPG Fantasy
Payerbase: High
Initial release date: January 25, 2011

Tera Game Screenshots

Tera Game Overview

TERA game is a free-to-play, 3D action MMORPG Released by Bluehole, Inc. based on a non-targeting system, where players will have direct control over their character’s combat. Unlike traditional MMORPGS which use auto-attacks and tab targeting, TERA allows a player to aim their spells and attacks manually. This allows for greater flexibility and much more dynamic combat.

TERA game features some impressive visuals, with towering detailed beasts to fight and a fantastic spell variety. Beyond the typical MMORPG questing, players can engage in 5 man dungeons and participate in Guild PvP.

TERA MMORPG Gameplay & Features:

. PVP: On PVP65 servers, the Outlaw quest unlocks at level 65, sending you to Allemantheia to speak with Kareras. After speaking with Kareras (located near the Pegasus platform), speak to Erigar in the shopping district. When you’re done with the quest, you’ll receive a skill manual for Outlaw Declaration. Use this new skill to mark yourself as ready for PvP.

. Increase your gear level: You should always be equipping newer, more powerful gear to face TERA’s evolving challenges. Around level 12 – 15, you’ll get relic pieces to assemble Avatar weapons. Avatar weapons are not only enchantable, but deal increased damage to level-appropriate foes. As you move into new and higher level areas, you’ll find pieces of your next

. Chat Channels: By default, all players can see the following chat channels : /say , /area , and /global . To use Area or Global Chat, your character must be level 10 or higher. Additional Chat Channels will become available when appropriate, including : /party , /guild , /raid

. Using Strongbox Keys:You’ll occasionally see locked strongboxes drop from defeated monsters. Strongboxes contain an assortment of materials and other rewards, and can only be opened by a strongbox key. Strongbox keys are rare drops, and are also available in the TERA Store. To use a key, select it in inventory, then apply it to one of your strongboxes.

TERA: The Only MMO with True Action Combat