Steam Hammer Set To Hit Steam Early Access On May 12th, 2017

Steam Hammer Set To Hit Steam Early Access

The semi-survival B2P game Steam Hammer is one of a very small number of steampunk games to be released in recent times and perhaps the only steampunk MMO on the horizon. It has all the staples of the steampunk genre: Victorian architecture, guns, jetpacks, and even airships that you can fly around as a group of friends sit on deck and fire at enemies.

Until Friday, however, the game’s release date had been up in the air. I’ve checked it a number of times over the past few months and the release date listed had always been “2017.” On Friday, the developers silently changed the release date to May 12th.

Steam Hammer will be available on Steam Early Access in five days, but those who are interested in jumping in early can purchase Beta access from the official website. A global wipe is set to occur tomorrow, but it is said that the game is also more than 50% off of the full price during Open Beta.