Shakes and Fidget

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Shakes and Fidget game is a Free-to-play, fantasy-themed satirical 2D MMORPG that combines typical RPG features such as quests, dungeons, mounts, crafting, and PvP, with humor, witty lines, and a whole lot of sarcasm in a cartoony visual novel style game.

Publisher: Playa Games GmbH
Playerbase: High
Type: F2P 2D Fantasy MMORPG
Release Date: December 09, 2010

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SAF Game Overview

Shakes and Fidget is a F2P Fantasy MMORPG. Strap on your armor, hop on your cow, and take a stroll through the magical and satirical world of Shakes and Fidget, an amazing game that aims to tickle your funny bones. Create your own cartoony hero from 8 iconic races and 3 playable classes.

Embark on absurd quests for the local townsfolk and journey to dangerous corners of the realm to take on killer monster rabbits or sulky tauruses for gold, glory, and honor. Equip your character with thousands of comically-named items such as “Dog Tags of the Fool” or “The Forbidden Book: Rated M for Mature,” that can be embedded with your choice of gemstones for added bonuses.

In Shakes and Fidget MMORPG you will construct your very own fortress and defend it from attacks or challenge other players in the Arena to eventually reach the top spot in the Hall of Fame.

Shakes and Fidget game Features:
.  Award-winning multiplayer RPG
.  Unique comic book look
. Tongue-in-cheek humor
. Guild fights, friends-chat and messaging system
.  Easy to learn, easy to use, ingenious gags, regular updates
. 8 selectable races and 5 classes
. PvP against other real players
. Thousands of weapons and magical equipment
. Exciting quests and creepy dungeons
. Fully customizable character image in comic book look

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