Shaikan game is a free-to-play, 3D browser-based MMORPG. Players will enjoy the simulated real battle scenes with full 360-degree rotation, adjustable variable distance with excellent graphics.

Publisher: AMZGame
Playerbase: Medium
Release Date: TBA

Shaikan game Screenshots

Shaikan game Overview

Shaikan MMORPG is a F2P, 3D Fantasy, browser-based published by AMZGame.
The game features Player vs Player tournaments that pits players against other human players in the server and in real time. PvP events take place in the Warriors Arena. The game will pit players sharing one camp against other groups of players who are coming to destroy their abode.

With the exellent graphics and the the full 360-degree rotation, players will also enjoy the 3D dimension, holding the Ctrl button and panning the mouse around, you can rotate the camera to whatever view you’re comfortable with. You can also zoom in and zoom out by using the mouse roller button.

Shaikan MMORPG Key Features:

Daily Instance:
. Players can have 8 instances can rate, Ultimate VIP can use bulk sweep
. Players who clear the instance , can get great rewards such as gear gems and rare material
Clan Gathering Battle:
. Chests in gather events may give mall items
. Defeat monsters and bosses for mall items
. Killing other players will not give PK points
. Complete the Chaperone quest to win double reward
. The higher quality escort give better rewards
. Flower Thief gives 2x rewards of the Robbed Player’s Chaperone quest
Gem Maze:
. When players Level is higher, there are four Gem level for them: Basic Promoted Advanced Master, every level has 20 attempts for free, when use out, you need to buy more attempts for continue
Visit Gloom City:
. Kill the Men in Black for points
. Destroy chests to gain extra points
. Collect points to get rewards
. Beware of the Guardians

Shaikan MMORPG Gameplay Video