Sexy Three Kingdoms

Sexy Three Kingdoms
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Sexy Three Kingdoms game is a free-to-play MMORPG browser-based published by CarolGames. The game looks cute with Lots of sexy characters (designed in 2D & animated 3D) and easy for beginners so try it in your browser without download.

Publisher: CarolGames
Playerbase: Medium
Type: F2P Farasy MMORPG
Platform: Browser

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Sexy Three Kingdoms Game Overview

Sexy Three Kingdoms RPG is an Amazing F2P Browser game based on the story of Three Kingdoms. Filled with excellent graphics, fine character models, and realistic movements comparable to Dynasty Warriors. All of the characters look young and pretty much like you see in the anime that Japan likes to produce.

The game also has nice 2D sprites that are quite large and highly detailed. The game is an automated game so you can just press the quest button at the top right hand corner of the screen and your character will immediately go to the desired location.


. Swordmaster: Sword represents the pinnacle of all weapons, and Swordsmasters are adept at both attacking and defending. Dexterous in sword-wielding and acrobatically skillful, they perform very well in delivering precise hits and dodging incoming attacks.

. Assasen: Assassins are endowed with agility and a talent to inflict tremendous damage. Even if their attacks are blocked by opponents, they’ll still able to dodge the counterattacks. They have abilities to boost damage in critical hit, allowing them to execute a swift lethal hit on opponents.

. Barbarian: Barbarians are strong, tough, and inborne with a sturdy character, and even a female warrior, with her seemingly vulnerable appearance, can be the harbour of tremendous strength and power. They are a valuable asset in absorbing and blocking incoming damage, shielding their comrades behind from enemy’s attacks.

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