Rakshasa: Street of Demons Game Preview

Rakshasa Street of Demons heroes

Rakshasa: Street of Demons Game is a F2P , 2.5D browser MMORPG similar to Naruto online and Bleach online. It combine reality and fantasy, battles and strategy. The main player is a typical student that finds himself in Rakshasa street, which is a place where people and ghosts live together. Difficult tasks, perfect graphics and the opportunity to play with friends make Rakshasa: Street of Demons game interesting and captivating for online game fans.

Street of Demons is the most dangerous street of the other world, it is inhabited by the most evil ghosts and cruel demons. Behind every street, a unique guardian is watching: the General of Souls. In search of work, Lin, a young specialist architect, by the will of fate is on Demon Street and falls into the possession of one of such generals. You have a hero to find out what is happening in this afterlife, to protect the girl from a horde of demons

Rakshasa: Street of Demons Game Features:

. Dynamic Fights: The most exciting battles will not make you bored
. Incredible Atmosphere: Get inspired by fantastic atmosphere of other world
. Breathtaking story: Start your incredible journey full of thrilling events
. Epic PVP battles: Challenge other players and prove you deserve a reward
. Play with Friends: Invite your friends to conquer the amazing world of Rakshasa street
. Visual journey: Colorful graphics and stunning visual effects will make you a part of the fantastic world.

Developer: Esprit Games
Playerbase: Medium
Type/Genre: F2P, MMORPG Anime
Release Date: TBA