Planet Calypso Game Preview

Planet Calypso screenshot

Planet Calypso is a F2P, MMO simulation that aspires to mimic reality in a science fiction setting. Using a micropayment system, players can trade real money for in-game currency called Project Entropia Dollars (PED), at an exchange rate of 10 PED to one US dollar.

The payment system means that items in Entropia Universe have a real cash value and the game can be played with the objective of making money. To enter the universe, players design their character using an in-depth creation system and pick their planet to start.

Socialize, explore, harness mobs, harvest resources, hunt, craft, and mine are just a few activities available to players. Just like in reality, every undertaking requires resources that cost money. To be part of Entropia Universe’s extensive universe, you must work to make a living.

Publisher: MindArk
Playerbase: Medium
Type: F2P MMO Sci-fi Game
Release Date: January 30, 2003