Pirates: Tides of Fortune

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Pirates: Tides of Fortune Game is a Free-to-play, browser Strategy MMO where players are the captain of a pirate fleet, building a base on the Isla Fortuna and sending their ships off to plunder their foes.

Publisher: Plarium Games
Playerbase: High
Type: F2P MMO Strategy
Release Date: February 12, 2012

Pirates: Tides of Fortune Game Screenshots

Pirates: Tides of Fortune Game Overview

Pirates Tides of Fortune MMO game is a F2P, 2D strategy browser-based available on internet browser and Facebook, developed and published by Plarium Games. Become a pirate legend and build a haven on the Isla Fortuna, attracting unique pirate units and other helpful denizens to conquer the seas.

Captains are shown the tricks of the trade by Captain Anne O’Malley, a fully voice-acted, multilingual narrator, who instructs players on the interface and basic gameplay. Steal resources from enemy islands and ships to further grow your armada and join a Brotherhood to work towards a common goal with a team of allied pirates.

You, Captain of your own pirate crew, must raise your Pirate Haven from a nameless desert island into the bustling hub of your Pirate Empire. Fortune favors the bold: recruit your own stalwart crew, raise your fleet and set sail for fame, glory and untold treasure

Recruit a variety of unique units to help in different combat tasks and customize their strengths in the game’s skill tree system. Complete objectives to grow the barren island of Fortuna into a legendary pirate’s haven.

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