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pirate101 game screenshot

Pirate101 game is a Free-to-play, pirate-themed MMORPG set in the same fictional universe as Wizard101. Fight enemies in a turn-based combat system, complete quests, sail Pirate ships, and play with friends.

Publisher: KingsIsle Entertainment
Playerbase: High
Release Date: October 15, 2012

Pirate101 Game Screenshots

Pirate101 Game Overview

Pirate101 game is a F2P, Fantasy game swashbuckling themed MMORPG developed by KingsIsle Entertainment. Taking place in the same world as its sister game Wizard101, players become corsair explorers, searching for treasure and steering their vessel through the skies of Spiral. It’s a free online Pirate game for the whole family!

Choose from one of five classes and employ a range of abilities to make your enemies wish they had scurvy. A turn-based combat system sees players tactically control their character and companions on the battlefield. Over 50 companions with unique abilities can be recruited to your crew.

Extensive voice-acting and an engaging story pits players against the might of the Armada and sets up a quest to search for the legendary city of El Dorado. Online safety settings allow parents to ensure their kids are safe while playing with other people in the kid-friendly world of Pirate101.

It is a wondrous time of exploration and adventure, when tall ships fly the endless skies and brave the Stormgates of the Spiral. Explore these pages to know the Pirate game story of battles between Marleybone’s Royal Navy and the Pirate lords and other adventures.

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