Oraco Game Preview

Oraco Screenshot

Oraco game is a F2P browser-based, MMORPG themed-fantasy developed by iGameMore that can be played through facebook where you can fight against the force of evil by yourself or alongside friends. The choice is yours, you can start up a guild, build a town, and the most daring of players can engage each other in personal and team-based PvP battles.

On your adventure in Oraco game, you can acquire a personal Elf who will accompany you and you can advance your character in numerous ways, whether it be with new gear, upgraded skills, or a new mount that you can ride into battle on in style.

With hundreds of fashion items to accessorize with, quests to go on, and a fantastical world to explore Oraco will have you looking forward to the next quest that will help you earn your next awesome piece of gear!

Publisher: IGameMore
Playerbase: Medium
Type: Browser F2P MMORPG
Release Date: 2017