My Little Farmies Game Preview

My Little Farmies game is a F2P, casual simulation browser game developed by by upjers and available for both PC and Mobile. Let yourself be enchanted by the beautiful world of My Little Farmies. Run a family farm and grow all sorts of plants. Nurture them with tender, loving care, and harvest your very own farm-fresh produce. Mill your wheat into flour, and use your flour to bake mouthwateringly delicious loaves of bread for your farm game customers. Game developer upjers will whisk you away to the Middle Ages with MyLittleFarmies Mobile and PC, a tycoon game without equal.

My Little Farmies game is one you can pick up and play, then come back to return from where you left off. Timing plays a key role in planning your crop harvests, animal harvests, and manufacturing harvests. Eventually, you will be able to expand and grow in experience to produce much more and earn greater profits. Decorating is elegantly beautiful and delicately simple.

My Little Farmies Game Features:

. Tantalizing tycoon game features that allow you to build workshops and streets in your medieval village, manufacture high-quality goods, keep animals, harvest cereals, vegetables and fruit and complete exciting quests
. Daily booster rewards for logging in
. Amazing social gaming features; become friends with other players and help them on their farms
. A charming farm game setting with intuitive game controls
. Lovingly detailed graphics
. Long-lasting fun through level-up rewards, unique challenges, seasonal events and more.
. Extraordinary tycoon game options for long-lasting fun.