Logres Developer Aiming Announces Cross-platform Caravan Stories

caravan stories screenshot

Aiming, the developer of Logres, announced this week that it is currently developing a cross-platform PC and mobile MMORPG called Caravan Stories. A trailer showing off the game’s anime-styled 3D world, which is reminiscent of that of Dragon Quest, was released alongside the announcement.
While the official website has very little information at this time, an article posted to Famitsu discusses the game in some detail. The key points are as follows.
Players will be able to choose from six human and non-human races when creating a character.
. Players will be able to build a party of various characters and monsters that join them in battle.
. Players have a mobile base or “Caravan” that houses production facilities. It can also join the player in battle.
. Players can customize the exterior of their Caravan, including its “firearms and visual appearance.”
. The Caravan will evolve over time, growing in size and eventually becoming a multi-floor mobile base of operations.
. There will be a “Colosseum” PvP mode in which players are required to destroy another player’s caravan within a specified time limit. This mode requires players to organize a “deck” of ten characters and monsters before taking part.
. There will be a raid mode, in which multiple players team up to take down larger monsters. These monsters will spawn from “gates” that open in the sky at random times.
. The battle system will allow players to attack various parts of each monster independently.
The developers expect that there will be 200-300 characters and monsters that can be added to your party at the time of release.