Legendary: Game of Heroes

Legendary: Game of Heroes
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legendary game of heroes

Legendary: Game of Heroes is a Free-to-play, Puzzle Adventure RPG for Mobiles devices developed by N3TWRK Inc. Enter the fantasy world of Korelis and assemble the ultimate team of Legendary heroes. Quest, battle, collect and evolve. Begin your adventure today.

Publisher: N3TWORK Inc.
Playerbase: High
Type: Mobile RPG/Puzzle

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Legendary: Game of Heroes Overview

Legendary is one of the most addictive puzzle strategic, adventure RPG. You complete a puzzle similar to Bejeweled, and collect gems of each color to use attacks. Legendary also adds an element with heart-shaped health “gems” to refill your health bar.

Another difference is with the game mechanics. Rather than just swapping gems up-and-down or side-to-side, you can move them diagonally, and every time you make a match of three or more gems, you extend the timer, so you can actually make multiple matches per turn, and each successive match increases your bonus.

This allows you to add more gems of the same color to create 6-of-a-kind for a bonus gem. You can then swap two bonus gems to clear all the gems of those colors from the board and add their totals to your count.

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