Legend of Junior’s 4V4 Team Battle is online!

Legend of Junior’s 4V4 screenshot

Legend of Junior, One of the best MMO-ARPG browser game in 2018, has released its next big update after the marriage system. In its new version, the 4V4 Arena stands out as the most interesting function and expected by the community. Now players can not only team up with their partners but also with their friends to fight others.

Two weeks ago the Marriage System was launched in Legend of Junior and received a very positive welcome from the players. Following the community’s feedback, a new battle mode has been launched: The Legend of Junior 4V4 Arena is Life Now! and players can team up with up to three friends to live a new adventure and battle against other teams.

There is also a new Fashion item in this update, Robe of Divine will play a powerful role in the game as a striking appearance and a great Stat boots. New options for the Wedding System have also been added in the latest update.

Experience the new functions entering in “Legend of Junior”. Also, Facebook events regarding the new functions, included the 4V4 Arena, are now ready on Legend of Junior official Facebook page alongside rewards and gift codes. Live the new adventure on Legend of Junior.

Team up in the new 4V4 Arena with your friends and challenge other teams. It’s time to create the strongest alliances in order to defeat your enemies. Let’s see who becomes the MVP of the battle in The Legend of Junior 4V4 Arena!

. Robe of Divine:
Feathers make the bird! A cool new fashion item is now available in the game – Robe of Divine. Its stats will increase your power! If you want to be the most fashionable of them all, don’t miss the chance and get yourself a Robe of Divine!

. Wedding Feast:
Players must remember the day married day in the game because they felt a little disappointed about not being able to celebrate a feast. Well don’t have to wait anymore. Players can now prepare a wedding feast and invite their friends to prove their love!