Legend Knight

Legend Knight game is a 2D Free-to-play, MMORPG browser game published by Proficient City. The game will bring you to an amazing fantasy world where players take on the role of a legendary heroes defending their own land.

Publisher: Proficient City Ltd
Playerbase: Medium
Release Date: September 3, 2014

Legend Knight Game Screenshots

Legend Knight Game Overview

LK game is a F2P, MMORPG Strategy battle game set in a magic and fantastic world. The game has an amazing turn-based battle system that will show you the strategic battle, the shocking game screen and an exciting magical story. Legend Knight MMORPG is similar to Felspire and Wartune that you can play on browser without download and Players can log in the game through the official website or the Facebook App.

Game Key Features:

. AFK mode: autonomous combat system plays for players.
. Party Formation: pick the perfect team line-up to gain advantage over the enemy.
. Treasure Hunt: dig the right spots and discover hidden keys to spin the wheel of treasure.
. Synthesize and Socket: boost hero stats by synthesizing and socketing equipment with a variety of runes.
. Hero Recruitment: strengthen your party with a multitude of recruitable heroes.

Legend Knight Gameplay Video