League of Angels II

League of Angels II
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league of angels 2

League of Angels II game or LO2 (Abbreviation of League of Angels 2) is a Free-to-play, browser MMORPG where players lead a group of Angels to vanquish evil from the world. Form a party of heroes and defeat various creatures, using automatic gameplay elements to relax while you play.

Publisher: GTArcade
Playerbase: High
Type: F2P MMORPG Web Game
Release Date: April 06, 2016

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League of Angels II Game Overview

League of Angels II MMORPG (LOA2) is a F2P, browser-based where players assemble a group of heroes to vanquish evil from the land. Progress through 2D stages by defeating enemies, making your way from left to right across the world, and unlock new areas.

Encounter heroes possessed by darkness, defeat them, and recruit them to your party to aid you on your journey. Automatic gameplay systems perform combat and leveling to allow players to progress passively. Watch your heroes unleash vivid attacks, destroying endless waves of enemies. Enter the arena and test your party against the computer or partner up to conquer multiplayer dungeons.

1/ League of Angels 2 Characters and heros:

. Basics: Improved by the enhancement and ranking up of Equipment, Relics, Mount, and so on.
. Skills: Improved by the ranking up of characters and heros.
. Affinity: Activated by the gathering of required equipment, Relics, and heros in the squad.

2/ League of Angels 2 Daily & Weekly Quests:

Daily Quests: Players can gain achievements by completing Daily Quests and gain rewards.
. When players log on, daily quests are automatically received.
. With each quest completed, corresponding rewards are gained and player gets 10 points.
· When points reach a certain requirement, players can claim a chest reward.
· Quest points will reset daily at 5 AM.

Weekly Quest: Players can gain Points by completing Weekly Quests and get rewards.
. Weekly Quests works like Daily Quests. Players can get Points by completing the specific tasks.
. When players accumulate specific amount of Points, they can claim chest rewards.
. Weekly Quests reset weekly every Sunday night (12AM Monday)

LOA2 Featured Video: League of Angels II Trailer