Kings and Legends

Kings and Legends
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Kings and Legends game is a Free-to-Play Collectible Card Game (CCGMMO from Just a Game. Playable through a browser, the game allows players to take the role of the Lord of Silver Heron Ridge, and obtain and use cards to summon creatures, cast spells, and defeat monsters as they battle through different regions and protect their kingdoms.

Pulisher : Gamespree
Playebase : High
Type: F2P MMO Card Game
Release Date: 2012

Kings and Legends Game Screenshots

Kings and Legends Game Overview

Kings and Legends game is a F2P, unique card-based MMO Released and published by Gamespree for Windows PC where players can battle in PvP matches from one to four player teams, follow PvE battle scenarios, customize and evolve their decks.

Take on the role of the Lord of Silver Heron Ridge, battle through contested regions, manage your resources, fuse cards together, and grow in power to conquer all types of enemies. Players can even battle in AI PvP battles to hone their strategies and decks. Weekly PvP rankings will reward the best players with special rewards.

Kings And Legends CCG Features:

. Tactical Battle system: The action unfolds across a battlefield 10 spaces wide and multiple lanes thick. You decide how to take the fight to the enemy, will heavily armored units soak up the enemies‘ attacks…
. Collect and Enchant/Combine: Collect Equipment and Cards of various tiers of quality and combine them into something more powerful. Each upgrade gives even more Life, Attack or improvements to abilities…
. Intense Tournaments and Competitions: Kings and Legends has a huge roster of daily, weekly and monthly tournaments. Bring your gameface, because PvP is the competitive heart of this collectible card game…
. Epic adventures and battles: With 1 expansive continent consisting of 10 regions, each with a multitude of battles, you‘ll never lack for battles and experience, which is essential as you gain reputation which unlocks special rewards and stat upgrades…
. Construct a kingdom: Each Hero gains control of a City which can be leveled up to provide a variety of bonuses both on and off the battlefield. Sell unwanted cards for in?game currency in the Auction House, which you can use to buy cards you do need, or upgrade cards into even more powerful forms in the Alchemy Lab.
. Events & Updates: Kings and Legends is constantly looking to improve the game with fun events and challenges every month, collect exclusive cards with unique abilities for that added spice to your battle strategy, gain massive rewards and powerful cards during Gold promotions or win rewards for beating tough challenges.

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