Khan Wars Game Preview

Khan Wars

Khan Wars game is a F2P, Massive Multiplayer Strategy game for browser. Choose from 12 balanced nations, each having a bonus that impacts your economy and battle strength or trading. Player can recruit nation specific units that will change the battle tactics and help to gain an edge over other players.

Khan Wars MMO game guilds represent group of players united by their guild leader and their strive for victory. Conquer mighty citadels, control map territories and spread your power. The guild chat is an option that allows players to communicate in real time, with their fellows. This is very useful for discussing policies, strategies or coordinated actions.

KW have an advanced battle system with thousands of different strategies for player to find out and compete with other players. Develop and fortify your own medieval city through new buildings and strategic structures. Choose the path of steady economic growth, ruthless raids upon enemy objects, thoughtful trading, wise diplomacy and guild team play.

Developer: XS Softwar
Type: F2P MMO Strategy
Playerbase: Medium
Initial release date: 2005