Hex: Shards of Fate Game Preview

Hex Shards of Fate Screenshot

HEX is a F2P, MMO game that combines the amazing community and roleplaying aspects of an RPG with the compelling collectible and strategic gameplay of a Trading Card Game to create an entirely new category of game.

HEX can do things a paper TCG can only dream of doing. We can socket gems in cards to give them additional powers, use card powers to transform them into different cards mid-match, and play with gamespace to produce never before seen designs. For example, we can add or steal cards from your opponent’s deck, have cards that buff others in deck or in hand, and so much more.

Do you like wheeling and dealing? You can make trades in the chat client, or you can automate all your transactions in the Auction House. If you’re in need of that final card to complete your new deck or you’re looking to take some of that shiny gear and turn it to gold, this is the place for you…

Publisher: Hex Entertainment, Gameforge
Playerbase: High
Type: F2P MMO Trading Card Game
Release Date: April 11, 2014