Guardians of Ashenhold

Guardians of Ashenhold Screenshot

Guardians of Ashenhold game is a Free-to-play, Fantasy MMORPG published and developed by iGameMore, you can play this amazing 3D graphic effect game in your browser without download.

Publisher/developer: iGameMore
Category: Browser Game
Genre/Type(s): F2P, 3D, MMO, RPG, Fantasy
Release Date: November 24, 2017
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux

Guardians of Ashenhold Screenshots

Guardians of Ashenhold Overview

Guardians of Ashenhold game is a F2P, 3D Fantasy MMORPG. Players will get to become one of three different classes on their journey: Gunslinger, Warrior, or Mage. Each has its own pros and cons that make them more or less useful in a variety of situations, including PvP.

Warriors are focused on getting in close to deal damage to their enemies, Gunslingers try to keep their enemies at a distance at all times, and Mages are more centered around controlling the flow of battle and dealing heavy area damage.

In Guardians of Ashenhold MMORPG questing and grouping can be automated or done manually, the choice is entirely up to the player. Auto-pathing and auto-grouping systems will make it easy to work your way through levels. Once you reach max level you can exchange your experience you’ve gained for evolution points, giving you the chance to start over with a stronger version of your character.

Questing won’t be the only way to get experience and gear either. Dungeons can also be explored solo or with other players, but only for a set amount of time so you’ll have to make the best use of your time you can once inside.

Both PvP and PvE content is also available in Ashenhold, giving players a few different gameplay choices. World PvP can be unlocked at later levels, and guilds can be formed between players to gain access to exclusive features that solo players wouldn’t otherwise be able to experience.

Guardians of Ashenhold Gameplay