Global Strike

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Global Strike game is a 3D free-to-play, First Person Shooter published by Games321. GS is an MMO game that runs on the web browser. No plugins required to play and the game runs smoothly on nearly all systems.

Publisher: Games321, NGames Interactive
Playerbase: High
Type: F2P MMO Shooter Game
Release Date: June 4, 2014

Global Stike Game Screenshots

Global Strike Game Overview

Global Strike game is a F2P First shooter Browser-Based. It’s the first non-plugin 3D FPS browser MMO online game. Simply by opening a browser, players can immediately experience excellent FPS gaming.

Global Strike shooter game adopts a self-optimizing 3D engine, bringing a smooth gaming experience to players without worrying about network delay. Moreover, the game also provides multiple combat mode choices for players, such as mutant, solo, team and bomb defuse mode. Game Features Fast skill-based PVP shooter, a variety of different game modes, multiple maps set in different environments and a complete character customisation of weapons and loadouts.

In Global Strike, there are multiple maps, many geared towards a particular game mode such as the desert location being the primary Bomb Disposal game mode map. Players will be able to explore the Ice Fortress, a small Team Deathmatch map that due to its enclosed quarters creates a frantic. The Nuclear Base is a much larger map ideal for both Team Deathmatch and Deathmatch games due to the number of rooms, places to hide and interconnecting corridors that makes for an exciting battle.

By earning a variety of different Crystal currency, players can unlock a variety of weapons including grenades, pistol sidearm, sniper rifles, machine guns and more. The different coloured crystals available corresponds to different types of weapons, White Crystals earned through normal gameplay unlock the Silver Arsenal for basic weapons, whereas Blue Crystals unlock the Elite Arsenal and Yellow Crystals unlock the Golden Arsenal, these crystals are earned by logging in daily or topping up your account using real-world cash and give access to more superior weapons and items.

Global Strike Shooter Game Trailer