Girls on Tanks Online

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Girls on Tanks game is a Free-to-play (F2P) bit sexy action packed, Real Time Strategy (RTS) publised by Nutaku Games. After the devastation of the Heartland War, the world has been left in conflict. Four factions battle for the future of the planet.

Publisher: Nutaku Games
Playerbase: High
Type: F2P Real Time Strategy game
Release Date: Feb, 2016

Girls On Tanks Online Game Screenhots

Girls On Tanks Online Game Overview

Girls on Tanks is a F2P Real time Strategy, browser-based game. The forces of Nimeria have discovered the strongest mineral known to man. These super powerful Crystals can create an indestructible army. The army of Winters Blood are power hungry and want to control these Crystals.

Their plan is to create the ultimate super weapon. You must stop them. You are The General of the United Defense Force! Command your army. Collect and upgrade your super sexy officers!

Girls On Tanks Gameplay and Features:

. Campaign: Play through 80+ unique single player missions
. Ongoing Events: Join other players and battle to win awesome new girls and rewards
. 14 Unique Unit Classes: Take command of a wide range of military forces, from Rocket Artillery and Motorbikes to Bombers and Helicopters.
. Commanders and Officers: All your Officers have unique abilities and level up the more they are used. Try out different Girls and see what abilities suit your play style. Be sure to mix it up!
. PVP mode

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