Flower Knight Girl

Flower Knight Girl Screenshot

Flower Knight Girl game is a Free-to-playbrowser-based RPG by Nutaku Games where players take the role of Grandmaster of the Flower Knight Girls, on a quest to save the Spring Garden from insects. Recruit over 80 unique flower knights, form them into teams, and take on villainous bugs in RPG-style combat.

Publisher: Nutaku
Playerbase: High
Type: F2P Browser RPG
Release Date: April 14, 2016

Flower Knight Girl Game Screenshots

Flower Knight Girl Game Overview

Flower Knight Girl RPG is a F2P, browser-based 2D strategy, built in Flash that is available on Nutaku’s game portal. The kingdom of Spring Garden is under attack by evil insects, and it’s up to you, the Grandmaster of the Flower Knight Girls, to lead your team of female warriors into battle to save the world.

Over 80 girls are available to recruit, each with distinct abilities, stats, and artwork. Once each character is awakened, they feature new artwork and increased abilities. Players can create multiple teams of girls to enter combat at once, each moving across the game’s mission maps individually to interact with branching paths and collect hard-to-reach loot.

Missions feature a cooperative element that allows you to bring one team of girls owned by another player. The game’s combat is mostly automated outside of the special AoE attack, Solar Blast, usable when the player’s Light Gauge fills to maximum.

Flower Knight Girl First Look PV