Final Fantasy VI


Final Fantasy VI is a role-playing video Action game (RPG) for mobile devices developed and published by Square for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and released in 1994, it is the sixth title in the mainline Final Fantasy series.

Developers: SQUARE ENIX Co.Ltd.
Playerbase: High
Type: Mobile Action RPG
Updated: Nov 25, 2015

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Final Fantasy VI Screenshots

Final Fantasy VI Overview

Final Fantasy VI is a RPG Mobile Action game by SQUARE ENIX . Final Fantasy first debuted in 1994 as the sixth installment in the iconic Final Fantasy series. Innovations included the ability to play all the main characters as the game’s protagonist, and to this day, its epic story intertwining each of their fates is still highly rated and wildly popular.

The characters’ dramatic performances are also highly rated, including the catastrophe occurring midway through, which delivers a particular emotional jolt to players.

With plenty of abilities available and the magicite system for controlling spells/summoning, players can develop their characters any way they want. This was also the first Final Fantasy game to include the Ultima Weapon, the most powerful sword of all and a recurring item in subsequent titles within the series.