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Felspire Game is a free-to-play, browser-based MMORPG where players can defeat hordes of enemies as one of three classes, recruiting pets and equipping progressively stronger equipment.

Publisher: 37Games
Playerbase: High
Release Date: August 7, 2015

Felspire Game Screenshots

Felspire Game Overview

Felspire game is a F2P Fantasy, MMORPG Browser-based published by 37Games and many others. Enter Eremos, home of the mysterious Felspire that acts as portal to the underworld, crossing the worlds of man and monster in a dangerous realm that can only be saved by the player.

Felspire MMORPG puts a hefty focus on fully automated character progression; allowing players to skip the grinding so common in browser MMORPGs by leaving the game’s AFK Helper on (unlocked after your second class advancement), which allows players more time in PvP arenas, dungeons and guild battles.

Felspire game also features four class advancements starting at level 150, allowing for a more powerful, specialized role. It features collectible mounts, pets, wings and titles that help in combat and give your character a unique look.

Felspire Game CLASSES (Warrior, Ancher, Mage):

. Warrior
Gender: Male, Feature: doughty, good at melee
Warriors are brave and doughty. They always fight at the front of the team when in battle and will resist the attack in the front for you. Warriors possess high HP, DEF and Dodge. Therefore, a warrior will be the most powerful guard for you!
. Archer
Gender: Female, Feature: swift, high ATK, good at ranged battle
Archers possess accurate ranged attacks. Their bow helped them survive in their adventures. They are elegant and swift. They can even spot an animal that is thousands of miles away. Those who had been targeted by them were all killed by their arrows. Take care! You have been spotted!
. Mage
Gender: Male, Feature: AoE, high ATK, high DEF
Mages are richly endowed by nature. They possess the ability to control natural forces. They can even summon flames from hell or thunder to burn the enemies and freeze your soul with pure ice. Watch out! They are coming!

Felspire Official Trailer by 37Games