Empire Four Kingdoms

Empire Four Kingdoms
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Empire Four Kingdoms mobile

Empire Four Kingdoms is a Free-to-play, Mobile MMO Strategy Game developed by Goodgame Studios. Become a mighty emperor of the four kingdoms. Recruit a powerful army to conquer valuable territory and defend it against enemy attacks.

Developer: Goodgame Studios
Publisher: Goodgame Studios
Playerbase: High
Type: Mobile MMO/Strategy

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Empire: Four Kingdoms Overview

Empire: Four Kingdoms is a F2P, mobile 2D battle, Strategy game. While it houses many of the features players have come to expect in these games, it goes further with new city sim features.

On top of managing resources, building empires, and attacking other players, Lords must also keep their residents happy by building decorations within the city. In turn, residents allow the Lord to levy taxes from them when they are content.

The game also features an attractive, clean art style that replicates the look of paper cut-outs, making the game and its interface easily digestible.

Empire: Four Kingdoms Video