Dragon Awaken: New Event, New System And Spanish Edition

After launching their latest 3D turn-based RPG browser game: Dragon Awaken in English and Portuguese version, and being featured by Facebook Games, the developer Game Hollywood and Proficient City will make another stride towards creating a truly global game. Dragon Awaken Spanish Edition will be launched on August 1st. Besides, the game has developed new contents-PvP Event The War of Gods, Bonus Event Catch Dragon Whelp and Marriage System to keep millions of players exciting.

. Spanish Edition Launch and Free Gifts
Dragon Awaken will make its third edition-Spanish Edition launch on August 1st. It will be available on Facebook too. The game will provide exclusive events in the game and on Facebook Fan Page to Spanish Edition players.
To celebrate the Launch of Spanish Edition, all players of the game will receive free in-game gift pack when Dragon Awaken Spanish Edition is launched.

. The War of Gods
New weekly PvP Event The War of Gods has been added to the game. It’s an Knockout divided as Preliminary and Finals. Players reach Lv.40 can join the event. In the Preliminary, players will
battle against others that have similar status. Only 32 players can make it to the Finals. In the Finals, the player’s opponent will be auto-selected, only the winners can advance to the next round. After the event, reward King Seals will be sent to participants according to players’
performances. King Seals are used to exchange items such as mount-Tipsy Piggy, Relic-Divine Crystal and more in the Champion Shop.

. Catch Dragon Whelp
Players will have a chance to meet six different dragon whelps in the wild land. Players can click them to get Whelp Chest. Each chest is randomly filled with Hero Evolve Crystal, Dragon Dust and Enhancement card.

. Marriage System
Single player can marry another player when their Favorbility reaches Level 2. After the wedding, engaged players will become couple get special equipment Ring and costumes Wedding dress or suit. Couple players can get extra buff when they team up for battles. They can also challenge dungeons to get items to enhance their Ring. If players want to end up the relationship, they can choose to divorce.

Dragon Awaken keeps updating events, heroes, costumes, mounts, weapons and more in all editions. There are many new challenges in game. Take the adventure with your fellow dragons and millions of players in the Dragon Awaken!