Divine Storm

Divine Storm
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Divine Storm Game is a Free-to-play top-down browser MMORPG set in a fantasy universe where players choose one of three classes and vanquish evil from the world, Rotate your skills optimally to unleash devastating combos. It’s stunningly beautiful Free to play game.

Publisher: Infiplay
Playerbase: Medium
Type: F2P Fantasy MMORPG
Release Date: March 10, 2017

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Divine Storm Game Overview

Divine Storm MMORPG is a F2P fantasy game available for both Facebook and through your preferred browser. Choose one of three classes: the durable Warrior, deadly Ranger, or spell-casting Mage. Rotate your skills optimally to unleash devastating combos, and defeat waves of enemies at once.

Log-in daily to receive unique rewards that aid your character as they quest to vanquish the world of evil. Explore ancient instance dungeons and defeat treacherous bosses. Upgrade your hero through seven character systems: Costumes, War Souls, Artifacts, Wings, Relics, Mounts, and Pets.

But you’ll have to level, increasing your power, to make full use of the range of character improvements. Play manually or turn on auto-play like other Chinese developed games in that it mostly plays itself, so that your character continues leveling even when you’re not controlling them.

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