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Deus Ex, the Buy-to-play game model, is a series of action role-playing ARPG, First-person shooter stealth video games. The series was developed by Ion Storm for the first two games and Eidos Montréal for later entries in the series.

Platforms: Android, iOS, Mac., Windows…
Developers: Feral Interactive, Square Enix…
Release Date: August 2016
Publishers: Square Enix Holdings, Eidos Interactive…
Type: B2P MMORPG Shooter

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Deus Ex Game Overview

Deus Ex game is a B2P, First Person Shooter (FPS) Released by Square Enix for Windows PC, Mac and mobile Devices, Any game bearing the Deus Ex name sets a high bar for itself, and yet it Mankind Divided clears it handily.

Deus Ex game takes place during 2052, while the world is facing a crisis caused by a mysterious nano-virus called the Gray Death. In the midst of the crisis, JC Denton, a nano-augmented rookie agent for the United Nations Anti-Terrorist Coalition (UNATCO), is sent to eliminate terrorist cells, but ends up drawn into the various schemes of rival factions and secret societies, who are responsible for the epidemic.

The Deus Ex series has received generally positive reviews, with its storylines and freedom of choice being the main point of praise.The first game won multiple awards from various video game publications and was lauded by critics at the time, although its graphics came in for some criticism.

Deus Ex FPS Gameplay:

Player choice is a key feature of the series, with the actions of the player character affecting both the world around them and the way non-player characters (NPCs) react to the character: depending which faction they belong to, NPCs might praise and be helpful, chastise, ignore, or even attack them.

This emphasis on player choice is most evident in Invisible War, where players can choose the gender and skin color of the main character before starting, and have the option of running quests for and allying with four possible factions within the game.

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