Dead by Daylight Game Preview

Dead by Daylight Game Screenshot

Dead by Daylight game is a B2P, multiplayer horror for PC and Consoles where player takes on the role of the savage Killer, and the other four players play as Survivors.

Dead by Daylight game Gameplay:
Player take the role of a Survivor or a Killer. The Survivors aim is to escape the level, and the Killer’s goal is to stop them. Survivors use their 3rd person camera to look around, while the Killer’s FPS view is much more narrow.

Survivor objective is to escape the level through one of two metal gates. To be able to escape, Survivors must repair generators. These generators are scattered across the level. To be able to open the gate, a minimum of four generators must be repaired. This in turn activates the gates and Survivors can now open a gate and escape.

During a level, Survivors can also search levels for items in chests to be used either in-game or in the next match. This is not needed to complete a level, but it can make it easier and/or provide aid in the next match.

Release date: 14 Jun, 2016
Developers: Behaviour Digital Inc.
Type: B2P Horror Game
Playerbase : High