Crowfall Open Beta Set To Begin At The End Of This Year

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For a member of the Crowfall forums has put together all of the information from the stream. There’s quite a lot there, including various racial bonuses, information about the scouting system, and in general, everything you could possibly want to know about the Massive Reveal.

But two quotes from the stream are perhaps of more interest to most than the rest. During the stream, ArtCraft was quoted saying both “Crowfall Open Beta is at the end of the year” and that Open Beta will occur before the upcoming soft launch.

It’s a bit unclear at this time how the Crowfall Open Beta will work, whether anyone will be able to take part or only backers; even details such as the length of Open Beta or a potential hiatus between Open Beta and soft launch have yet to be announced. However, the fact that the Open Beta will take place before soft launch almost guarantees that progress will be wiped once it ends.