Civilization Revolution 2

Civilization Revolution 2
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Civilization Revolution 2 game screenshot

Civilization Revolution 2 is a 4X turn-based Video Strategy game for both Mobile devices and PlayStation Vita developed in 2014 by Firaxis Games with Sid Meier as designer. It is a spin-off of the Civilization series and a sequel to Civilization Revolution.

Developers: Firaxis Games, 2K China
Playerbase: High
Type: Mobile Strategy Game
Released: July 2, 2014
Platforms: Android, iOS, PlayStation Vita

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Civilization Revolution 2 Screenshots

Civilization Revolution 2 Overview

Civilization Revolution 2 is an Amazing Mobile Strategy game by Firaxis Games. The sequel to one of the most successful strategy games on mobile is here. Sid Meier’s CR2 challenges players to build a glorious empire that will stand the test of time. This is the first game in the Civilization catalog to be developed and available exclusively for mobile devices.

The game offers mobile strategy fans a brand new 3D presentation and more tactical depth than ever before! Find out if you have what it takes to rule the world.

CR2 Game Features:
. New Leaders – Lenin the Russian communist, King Sejong king of Joseon
. New Units – strengthen your military might with brand new combat units including Aircraft Carriers, Jet Fighters and Special Forces.
. New Technology – race to science supremacy with new technology such as: Lasers, Modern Medicine and Information Technology
. New Buildings & Wonders – grow and expand your civilization like never before with new buildings and wonders including Nuclear Power Plant, The Red Cross and Silicon Valley

Civilization Revolution 2 Video