Chronicle: RuneScape Legend Game Preview

Chronicle RuneScape Legends Screenshot

Chronicle: Runescape Legends is a F2P collectible card game (CCG) set in the universe of Runescape, where players undertake quests on a board-game playing field using a customized deck. Choose one of several characters, known in the game as Legends.

Employ weapon, spell, and creature cards to overwhelm your opponent and secure victory. Cards fall under two categories: Fight cards and Adventure cards. Monsters and bosses are Fight cards, earning Legends gold, whereas Adventure cards are composed of status effects and require gold to be used.

Every match is a 1v1 duel set on a virtual landscape inspired by the world of Runescape. Collect new cards by purchasing card packs at the in-game store, and earn free packs by winning games. Build your deck and forge your legend before testing your skills in competitive 1v1 Ranked duels where only the strongest, tactically inclined player can win.

Publisher: Jagex
Playerbase: High
Type: F2P Strategy Card Game
Release Date: May 26, 2016