Blade Of Queen Gameplay


Blade of Queen Game is a F2P, Fantasy Multiplayer Online Game (MMORPG). The Game will lead you to the world full of swords and magic with its beautiful scenery, pretty characters, vivid actions and cute Queens.

Blade of Queen MMORPG Classes:

. Ranger: Ranger has strong hit rate and terrible critical strike attack, they use arrows as weapons, usually the opponent will be destroyed by one arrow.
. Knight: Knight, as regularly trained soldier, has extraordinary strong ability of offence and parry, can protect teammates well.
. Assassin: Elegant movement and expertly used dagger give assassin dodge opponent’s ability in the battle and hit the opponent accurately at the same time.
. Warrior: They are invincible soldiers in battles and they’ve mastered various fighting skills in battles. They expend rage for short time out-burst to help team seek hope in impasse.
. Warlock: It says that the cleverest person has the chance to become a warlock, they can use mysterious spells to attack opponent directly. Besides, they can use different side effects to weaken the opponent or lift teammates’ hit points. However, there are emaciated, which makes them become priority attack target by opponent easily.