Blade Of Queen Closed Beta Test Sexily Launched

blade of queen screenshot

Blade of Queen, the cool RPG strategy web game which is based on western myths ,will officially start closed beta test. Beautiful scenery, pretty characters, vivid battle actions, gives players a different game experience!

“Blade of Queen Closed Beta Info:
1.Delete file test: After closed beta test, character’s data will be deleted, but the account will be retained. After open beta test, player can use the same account to log in.
2.Recharge: You can recharge during the closed beta, at the meantime, the closed beta recharging activities will be opened.
Activity name: Multiple rewards recharge during closed beta
Activity time: During T1 closed beta (11:00 on Nov.4.2016-24:00 on Nov.10.2016)
Activity Content:
Players who recharged during the closed beta test can enjoy 150% recharging rewards, when the official server S1 opens, players who recharged can get 150% gold refund. The refund gold amount counts into the VIP growth.
For example: If player recharge 600 gold then he/she can get 900 gold during T1 closed beta, the 900 gold all count into VIP growth. After the official server S1 opens, players who have recharged can get 600*150%=900 gold. The 900 gold will count into VIP growth in S1.”