Beyond the Void

Beyond the Void screenshot

Beyond the Void is a Free-to-play, hybrid Real-time strategy (RTS ) Sci-fi game, with MOBA mechanics Developed by B2Expand. Players face off One-to-One, lead their army to defeat their opponent and conquer an entire solar system.

Developer: B2Expand
Platforms: Windows PC & Mac
Playerbase: Medium
Type: F2P Strategy Sci-Fi
Release Date: 20 October, 2017

Beyond the Void Game Screenshots

Beyond the Void Game Overview

Beyond the Void game is a F2P, Sci-fi Real-time Strategy (RTS) released by B2Expand for Windows PC and Macintosh. The game economy is built around the blockchain technology and uses Nexium (NXC) as a game token which acts as the backbone engine of Beyond the Void.

The Token drives the Economy in the game and is built through a smart contract on the Ethereum platform, custom Ethereum smart contracts are backed by Nexium crypto tokens to create a blockchain-based economy within the game. By combining blockchain technology and entertainment, the team feels it is starting a new trend in the world of online gaming.

Players will be able to use Nexium to buy original and unique in-game items. Beyond the Void gives gaming enthusiasts the chance of true ownership of all the items bought. All the elements you can buy in the shop (spaceship skins, portraits, event cards) are registered on the blockchain which allows signing the true ownership of the items. Free exchange of these items is facilitated by a blockchain-based market.

Beyond the Void Hybrid Game Features:

. CHALLENGE your friends to 1vs1 online matches, train against the AI or compete in ranked games and tournaments.
. SELECT the capabilities of your flagship to match your strategy.
. GATHER resources and conquer neutral planets as you build your fleet and improve your flagship’s statistics.
. DESTROY your opponent’s fleet as you lead your powerful army in an epic space war. Your skills as a player are your best weapon.
. DOMINATE the game and defeat the enemy by conquering their home planet. Your victory is the first step on the way to enhancing your reputation among the BTV community. Fight your way to the top of the rankings.

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