Atlantica Online

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Atlantica Online is a Free-to-play, 3D Strategy MMORPG set on a fantasy themed Earth with real world geography. The game sets players in search of their long lost ancestral home, the fabled Atlantis. Long ages ago, a substance called Oriharukon was discovered by your ancestors, and with it they uncovered wondrous magic powers.

Publisher: Valofe
Playerbase: Medium
Release Date: Oct 30, 2008 (NA/EU)

Atlantica Online Game Screenshots

Atlantica Online Game Overview

Atlantica Online Game is a F2P, 3D Strategy MMORPG with an incredibly creative world and a turn-based combat system published by Volafe since 2008. Set in an alternative version of Earth, players travel continents, plus the land of Atlantis, in a game that has a free-market economy where the players are the vendors. The game has a strong emphasis on PvP.

Atlantica Online MMORPG Quest:

To follow a treacherous path fated to you as a descendant of Atlantis. To find your ancestral home, which vanished off the face of the Earth long ago. To fulfill your destiny: Save humankind from the disastrous effects of Oriharukon, the source of Atlantis’ desctructive power.

You will embark on an epic journey that will take you to mysterious and dangerous locations around the world, as well as through time and human history. You will enter countless battles against creatures of legend and lore, mutated and deadly due to the influence of Oriharukon. But you will have the help of mercenaries you meet along your way, facing enemies together.
In Altantica Game you will collect clues from the remains of ancient civilizations, which will ultimately lead you to the lost land of Atlantis, and all the secrets kept there.

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