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Asta Online
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Asta Online: The War of Tears and Winds is a Free-to-play, 3D Fantasy MMORPG created by South Korean developer Polygon Games. The game was in development from 2010 through mid-October 2013. Become a hero in the ASTA world by surviving the fierce war of the gods.

Publisher: Move Games
Playerbase: Medium
Type: F2P Fantasy MMORPG
Release Date: April 26, 2017

ASTA Online Game Screenshots

ASTA Online Game Overview

ASTA Online game (AO) is a F2P, Fantastic Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing released by Polygon Games. You can feel the essence of MMORPG through a variety of systems such as mounting, fishing, even housing system.

Choose from one of six races divided into two warring factions and take your pick from five playable classes, each with their own sub-classes. Journey to the far reaches of Samsara in service of your faction and explore a rich and vibrant world teeming with unique creatures from Asian mythology, explore vast dungeons, and battle huge monsters and bosses.

Experience hardcore faction-based open-world PvP or battle it out in the controlled environments of battlegrounds and arenas. AO shut down on October 4, 2016, but relaunched on April 26, 2017 through Move Games on Steam.

Asta Online Key Features:
. richness Of Contents and Worldviews
. Outstanding quality compared to recent Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing Games
. United dungeon matching system and an auction house open to all servers
. Unique concept of graphics and differentiated development techniques
. Unique graphics concept and differentiated techniques
. A painting animated Graphics
. Harmony of light and color, Dreamy and fantasy background
. High technology of CryEngine3

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