Archeage’s Erenor Eternal is Getting A Major Expansion On June 7th

Archeage's Erenor Eternal Is Getting A Major Expansion

Trion Worlds announced that ArcheAge will be receiving a new major update called “Erenor Eternal” on June 7th. The news was announced via this month’s Producer’s Letter and there’s quite a lot of info to sift through.
The update will include several new oceanic zones, including Whaleswell Strait, Aegis Island, and Whalesong Harbor. Each will have its own quests and leveling areas. A new housing province will also be included.
Aegis Island and Whalesong Harbor will each have their own PvE-focused open world battlegrounds. Players will be required to fend off wave after wave of enemies; they will be given “mines and heavy artillery” to help with the defense efforts.

A new tier of crafted gear called the “Erenor tier” will be introduced.
The crafting of equipment “has been simplified and RNG completely removed.” Players will be able to upgrade to a specific tier of item “as long as they meet the grade requirements” and crafted items will now be “uncloaked,” rather than “unsealed,” which is a fancy way of saying that the RNG elements have been removed.

Players will be able to regrade gear up to “Eternal” rarity. High grade items will have “new levels and socketed slots.” The regrade UI has been revamped to include the chance of success. Additionally, regrades are now categorized into one of three levels of difficulty, “potentially allowing an easier path to higher item grades depending on the gear chosen.” These grades are as follows.

Max level characters will be able to advance through “up to 7 levels of the new Ancestral skillset,” which will change the way “certain core skills” work, adding “special elemental effects to change their power or functionality.”

Trade routes are being restructured to “streamline ocean and overland routes.” Trade outposts will be available at “iconic trade ports, inland cities, and abroad”. You can read more about the upcoming Erenor Eternal update on the official website.